“Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.”
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

About Russell’s Testimonials

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Russell would like to express his gratitude and appreciation to the individuals below for their support. All testimonials listed below can be found on Russell’s LinkedIn Profile (Note: You have to login to LinkedIn’s website to view the testimonial).

  • “Russ Wheeler is a fantastic training delivery specialist. While at SunTrust Bank, I ran the training program for Branch Managers in Atlanta. Russ was one of several trainers in the Atlanta SunTrust University Division that was responsible for conducting the classes that my branch manager trainees attended. Russ has excellent communication and presentation skills. He is able to deliver the most mundane material in a manner that develops excitement and encourages retention among his trainees. He is creative in his verbal and visual presentations, and maintains the interest of his trainees. Many of my employees have said that Russ’ classes were some of the best that they had attended while completing their SunTrust curriculum. I think Russ Wheeler is an exceptional trainer and would be an asset for any training department.”
    Jennifer R. Crevis, PHR – VP/Financial Services Manager, IronStone Bank
  • “Russell has the ability to make all of his training classes interesting and enjoyable. He uses creativity to help the learners in his class understand complex material. He has a thorough knowledge of bank operations. Russell would do extensive research on topics related to bank history that would help the learner understand bank regulations. He modeled the concepts of great customer service. His classroom management skills allows the fast and slow learner to gain new concepts at their own pace. The personal dress and atmosphere of his classroom is always professional. Russell believes in following up with his students and is available for questions or concerns long after the classroom experience.”
    Arlene Thomas – Former Retail Banking Center Manager, SunTrust Bank
  • “To say that Russ is engaging in his training style is an understatement. I have been through many training classes in my day, but none have been more enjoyable then the ones that Russ has taught. He not only delivers the information in a manner that is easily retained, but also in such a way that is actually fun. I still have more classes to take, and I actively try and schedule them so I can have Russ.”
    Jeff VanDeMark – Retail Banking Center Manager, SunTrust Bank
  • “Russell Wheeler is an outstanding trainer and presenter. His presentation style is engaging and informative. He is able to make learning fun. Russell has a highly interactive style that keeps the participants attention; no one falls to sleep in his presentations or wants to fall asleep. He does outstanding work, works well with others, and is an expert in areas he discussed. Russell is trustworthy and reliable; what he says he will do, he does. I believe that his creative style enhances his presentations. He fields participants’ questions well. Participants continue to talk about his presentations weeks after his training. In short, he does outstanding work.”
    Louis Jourdan, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Clayton State University
  • “I have worked with Russell in a number of facilitation settings. He has always taken the lead to provide an effective, creative outcome. Russell knows his stuff when it comes to training and facilitation and he is an excellent listener – so the client can be sure she will get what exactly what has been promised. I heartily recommend Russell as a trainer experience.”
    Anthony Billoni – Creativity Facilitator & Independent Consultant
  • “Russell is a doer. He gets things done. I have known Russell through his outstanding work with the Greater Atlanta Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development for over five years. His technical expertise, ability to collaborate with others and tenacity has brought the chapter to new levels with the website and technology. I also had the privilege of working with Russell at SunTrust University. His creativity in the classroom and his determination to make sure participants were able to grasp and use the information he taught, made him one of the most popular trainers on staff.”
    Patsy Newton – 2006 Chapter President, ASTD Atlanta
  • “I have worked with Russell at ASTD Atlanta for more than three years – the last year he was Vice President of Technology and I served as President. Previously he was Vice President of Communications. In late 2006 he prepared an application which resulted in ASTD Atlanta being selected as the ASTD Chapter of the Month in 2007. He built an effective team as VP of Communications and has helped the association move into new technologies in his current position.”
    Ted Lehne – 2007 Chapter President, ASTD Atlanta
  • “Russ has been the facilitator of several of my training classes at SunTrust University. His passion and enthusiasm for training is evident in every learning situation. Applying his knowledge of adult learning principles and creative training techniques, Russ is able to effectively encourage participant interaction while ensuring that learning is occurring. My FSR class of 14 participants might have proven challenging for some, but Russ provided us with the knowledge of the material as if he were instructing us one on one. A true training professional, his patience and attitude are an asset to SunTrust.”
    Lisa Werts – Financial Services Representative, SunTrust Bank
  • “I worked with Russell quite a bit when we were both on the Executive Board. Russ was the Webmaster and he did an EXCELLENT job in taking the ASTD Atlanta website and newsletter to the next level. As VP of Programs, I had to plan and promote the monthly meetings and in that role, I had to create promotional flyers. Russ was always accommodating in helping me to get anything on the web and in the newsletter. Russ was always willing to share his creativity and talents with us and he even gave several presentations during his tenure. I highly recommend Russ Wheeler for any position because his dedication, team spirit, and work ethic will benefit any employer!”
    Shaunda Paden – Owner, DesignComm, Inc.
  • “Russ and I are Training Specialists at the Atlanta Campus of SunTrust University. As a fellow colleague, I consider him to be a Trainer’s Trainer and I affectionately refer to him as the “Professor”. Russ is passionate about his craft and his delivery style exemplifies his in depth understanding of adult learning. He does his homework and it is quite evident when you walk into his classroom and see him in action. He is a “transformer” because he can change what may be considered a ‘boring’ subject/class and bring it to life.”
    Pamela France – Training Specialist, SunTrust Bank
  • “Russell was my trainer for the week long submersion Teller Training class for SunTrust Bank. He provided me with a comprehensive and entertaining class. I left it feeling confident and competent with the teller system. I truly value Russell as a trainer and I know that his training style and winning personality will make him an asset to any organization.”
    Samantha Pasell – Financial Services Representative, SunTrust Bank
  • “In my capacity as Chapter Manager with ASTD I worked closely with Russell Wheeler. As Vice President of Communications he managed the design of the ASTD Chapter web site and periodicals. His work has been a major factor in the success of ASTD. He can relate to people in many ways and on many levels, and I would without any reservation recommend Russell. He would be a tremendous asset in any company.”
    Rosalyn Griffith – Former Chapter Manager, ASTD Atlanta
  • “I admire your ability to captivate your audience, as well as provide them with the information to be successful…that was easy. As always, you exemplify extraordinary facilitation skills with every class you teach. Not only do you bring content expertise to the classroom, you also continuously seek out ways to make learning enjoyable and exciting! It is truly a pleasure to work with you everyday!”
    Philip Jennings – Training Specialist/Team Lead, SunTrust Bank
  • “We hired Russell at SunTrust within the training department with high expectations which he met and exceeded. He is very professional with a high sense of integrity and significant adult learning knowledge and experience. He would be an asset to any organization.”
    Mark Shortt – Human Resources Director, KB Home
  • “Russell Wheeler is a very organized person who goes out of his way to help his/her colleagues. Russell requested my assistance to help him as the VP of Communications. He was also very instrumental with me becoming the VP of Professional Development with ASTD Atlanta Chapter. I have high regards for Russell because of his many technical talents that he shares with his colleagues and his unselfish caring spirit.”
    Michael Robinson – Independent Consultant, Reliable Technical Solutions
  • As the VP of Technology on ASTD’s Executive Board, Russell proved invaluable in providing above and beyond counsel and support whenever I asked him for help. It was always timely and professional and I will always be most grateful for his willing assistance.
    Susan L. Lind, Ph.D.
    Principal, Lind & Associates
  • Russell is a thorough trainer. He made learning easy for those who were never employed in the banking industry. His classes were always fun and engaging.”
    Priscilla Taylor – Former Retail Banking Center Manager, SunTrust Bank
  • “I have worked with Russell on the ASTD Atlanta Executive Board since 2005 while he has been in the role as VP of Communications and VP of Technology. I value his work because of his competence, follow through and communication. He eagerly takes initiative, contributes to the whole team and instills confidence in others.”
    Paul Terlemezian – 2008 Chapter President, ASTD Atlanta

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