“More than just a buzzword, creativity is the secret to business success that American companies can no longer afford to ignore.”
Stanley Gryskiewicz, Ph.D.

The Russell’s Innovative Meeting Facilitation Approach

Let’s talk about your last meeting. Was it a successful experience? If not, would you like it to be better the next time you gather members of your team? Maybe what you need is a facilitator. Someone with the knowledge, skills and ability to elevate your teams productivity and innovative potential!

Russell is an expert practitioner of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process, a flexible yet structured framework that is utilized to:

  • Identify and clarify problems and situations,
  • Generate and refine ideas efficiently, and
  • Develop and implement innovative solutions.

Utilizing CPS requires an individual or group with a goal or challenge who can say “yes” to the following statements:

  • Need innovation?
  • Responsible for goals and/or challenges?
  • Motivated to move forward?

Were you able to say “yes” to the above referenced questions? If so, are you and your team currently dealing with the following:

  • A goal or challenge facing your team in need of clarification?
  • An opportunity requiring the generation of new ideas?
  • An idea or situation that is in focus but cannot bring it to fruition?

If this situation sounds familiar, then maybe my background in the facilitation of CPS could be the answer. Russell has proven experience in leading change and accelerating innovation! Here are three benefits you and your team will receive when he facilitates your next meeting. Russell will:

  • Provide a framework and the means by which a group will achieve its objectives – allowing your team to meet their goals faster and more effectively!
  • Act as a “neutral, independent” third party who helps generate innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of effective agendas, co-develop clearly defined objectives and tasks, ensure effective team interactions and drive actionable results.

Types of Facilitated Sessions


The following list are six of the most common sessions Russell facilitates utilizing innovative and critical thinking tools. It is important to note that this list serves as a “guide” since most facilitations include a combination of the following, always depending on the needs on the situation.

  • Goal/Opportunity/Challenge Ideation: This session provides a framework to generate potential goals, opportunities or challenges facing a team.
  • Data & Information Collection: A group that has a responsibility of identifying all factors related to a particular situation to gain the best perspective possible.
  • Problem & Situation Clarification: This session will allow a team the opportunity to “focus” on the real problem versus what is perceived on the surface.
  • Idea Generation: When generating as many ideas as possible by removing “judgment” from the collective “imaginations” of the group.
  • Idea/Solution Refinement: Your team has identified the most promising solution and now the group seeks to develop it further before bringing idea to fruition.
  • Idea/Solution Implementation: This session provides your group the opportunity to explore the best course of action for implementation of a proposed solution.

Interested? Want more information?

If you are interested in having your next meeting facilitated or would like more information, please contact Russell today. Thank you for your interest!

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