How Do You Utilize Your Imagination?

My wife and I travel every year to Ohio to spend the holidays with her family.  In addition to spending time with her relatives, we usually visit our friend Gregg Lauck.  He owns a fresh market floral shop in Hudson called The Greenhouse.  His store is always decorated for the holidays with numerous arrangements, most of which are designed by Gregg himself.

Holiday Display at The Greenhouse Florist
Holiday Display at The Greenhouse

When I browse Gregg’s shop during the holidays, I think about how his imagination is the core of his business.  It’s very easy for him to create arrangements and design new, unique items for his business.  I must admit that Gregg is very talented with his craft.  His many creations and great service are what keep his customers coming back.

Many people may consider Gregg to be “creative” based on his floral expertise.  But I believe we are all creative in our own way.  Everyone has the ability to be creative if we allow ourselves the opportunity.  If you are solving a problem or thinking of vacation ideas, you are tapping into your imagination.

Remember, imagination is the foundation for creativity.  As the saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in one day.  Gregg’s business wasn’t built in one day either.  But we can all learn from him and make a proactive attempt to “unleash” our imagination every day and build our creative abilities.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you use your imagination?  How are you creative?

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